Kanarra Falls Hike

Kanarra Falls is an amazing hike that follows a stream through a narrow slot canyon near the town of Kanarraville in southwestern UT.

This is a "must do" if you're in the area and is suitable for all ages of adventurers.

A small fee is required to obtain a permit, dogs are not allowed, and there is a danger of flash floods. Permits can be obtained here as well as additional information about the trail and local weather conditions.

There are several small stream crossings on the way to the canyon - don't bother trying to keep your feet dry as it's impossible to hike through the canyon without walking in the water.

It can get busy during the summer and school breaks, so be prepared for some crowds if you're hiking on the weekend or on a hot day.

The ladders that allow you to continue your hike through the canyon can be in various states from "sturdy and confident" to "am I going to break a leg" so be careful and adhere to any warnings if posted.

We weren't able to go above the 2nd waterfall on this trip due to the ladder in desperate need of repair.

Dressing for the hike is a judgement call - the hike is refreshing on a hot summer day but can still be cold due to limited sun exposure in the narrowest parts of the canyon. Shoe selection can be anything from closed toe hiking sandals to knee high waterproof boots.

Have fun!